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Welcome to one of the most important pages on this website. I say, "important", not because I get to talk about what great things I can do for your business, it is the page that helps you take one of the most important decisions for your business: what sort of professional and what sort of services you would like your business to associate with in order to turn your business from merely a business to an exceptional money-generating machine.

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To be frank, I don't believe in blowing my own horn and let my existing clients speak for my work, but hey, even the greatest ideas of the world one way or the other need to be communicated, so here on this page, I'm going to list the 13 overwhelming reasons you should hire me and work with my team.

Reason #1: I have proven success record

That's right. Why should you work with an "expert" who just asks for work without showing the proof of his or her success? When you work with me you're not working with a novice and hence there is no risk of hit-and-trial: with a proven success record delivered to highly satisfied and happy customers, when I handle website redesign and e-mail marketing for your business, I know exactly what I'm doing and what I'm going to deliver.

Reason #2: I assemble the best talent for you

I have a highly proficient team of online professionals hailing from different realms of expertise to provide you the perfect microcosm of individual solutions. My team members include -

  • Web programmers
  • Graphic & animation artists
  • Web copywriters and content writers
  • Email marketing experts and specialists

Working with a team of experts ensures that I don't provide you a patch-up job and every piece of work comes from the hands of an expert.

Reason #3: I deliver what your business requires and not what I can deliver

Every business is unique, there is no use providing a pre-set package of services and then hope for a miracle. No, the real world doesn't work this way. The real world is as unpredictable as it comes, and consequently the services needed to promote and push your business forward need to adapt extremely fast. So every website redesign and email marketing campaign is totally tailored according to your specific need. I prefer not to use templates and predefined solutions.

Additionally, I'm never in a hurry to sell you every service under the firmament: I provide exactly what your business requires.

Reason #4: Most of my work comes from referrals and recommendations

It basically means my existing clients are my evangelists for most of my work (of course, one needs to expand, and here I am). When you refer, it means you're taking a big responsibility, and it means you are totally satisfied with the person you are referring and you totally trust him or her.

Reason #5: I don't just provide services, I also
copiously share my knowledge & experience

Well, you can teach only when you know something, and definitely I know a thing or two about website redesign, online rebranding and email marketing. I share this knowledge through a litany of digital products that you can download for free or subscribe to from free resources page of this website.

In fact, I love sharing my knowledge & experience so much that I have written multiple ebooks –
  1. Emailicious (my free ebook on Email Marketing – a real world story of how an entrepreneur turned around his small business completely by implementing a kick-ass email marketing strategy formulated by yours truly)
  2. Website Talkies (a free ebook on how an enterprising business owner turns around his business by being proactive and redesigning his website)
  3. Take That Plunge! (a short and inspirational read on my own half baked enterpreneurial journey)

All these ebooks are FREE to download. These ebooks will give you a head start in your pursuit for online success.

And along with these ebooks I have created following 3 ecourses to help you grow your business online –
  1. How to Build a Websites that Works (Learn all the finer points about building website that really works)
  2. Beginners Guide to Email Marketing (an introductory course on permission based email marketing)
  3. Hot Response Email List Building Secrets (a unique course revealing secrets known to professional email marketer on how to build email database fast)

You can subscribe to the ecourses for FREE.

It's alright if you feel overwhelmed and don't want to burden yourself with such knowledge, but it will definitely give you an insight into the level of my expertise and how I approach individual projects, whether I am working on my own, or with a team of web designers, graphic designers, programmers and copywriters.

Reason #6: Transparency is a constant when you work with me

You will always be in the loop. Without overburdening you with the nitty-gritty of everyday project-handling, you always have an idea of what is going on with your project. There are no hidden costs, and there are no "tweaks" and "workarounds". You or your representatives are constantly sent updates in the forms of diagrams, flow charts, progress reports, analytics results and wireframes.

Constant communication and a sustained state of transparency also take care of miscommunications and misunderstandings. If there is a problem, if there is a doubt, I will immediately get in touch with you. A 20-minute meeting, no matter how nagging it may feel at that time, will help us save 20-30 hours of work later on.

Reason #7: I promise only what I can deliver

I never make tall claims in order to get new projects. I know what I can deliver and I stick to that.This way you know exactly what you will be getting by the end of the day. Having said that, it doesn't mean I don't over-deliver or the assortment of services that I provide doesn't meet your requirements. Of course I am in the business of providing high-performance website redesigning and e-mail marketing solutions that actually work and this means I provide everything that comes under the ambit of these services.

Reason #8: I work with you as a partner and
not as a vendor

When one works as a vendor all he or she is bothered about is completing the project and moving on. This is not the philosophy my team and I adhere to: we believe in establishing long-term partnerships and mutually beneficial relationships. This way, your success becomes our success and your failure becomes our problem. Whenever we work together, we work as a team.

Reason #9: I am trained in NLP science

NLP stands for neuro-linguistic programming: as fanciful as it sounds, it's a very simple process of creating an environment according to the language we use, the neurological reactions that we generate and the way we are programmed to perform certain actions. This helps me to reach the subconscious of your prospective customers and clients and create solutions that can truly communicate and make the required impact.


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Reason #10: There is a methodology that we follow at Centronics

Methodologies can make us stiff sometimes, but they can also help us lay down procedures that have an exceptional track record of performance. Right from the first call to problem analysis to delivery to installation every procedure that is needed to ensure efficiency and management is used. We use project management tools to not only monitor our performance but also provide you an optimal picture of what you are spending and what you are getting in return.

Here I am transitioning from "I" to "we". After all, it is a team effort that brings you the desired results.

Reason #11: At Centronics we believe that one works to live and not lives to work

This means we don't work during holidays and weekends unless the skies are falling. Rest and recreation help our team members rejuvenate themselves and perform their best. Weekends, evenings and public holidays also help us gather our thoughts and put things in perspective.

Reason #12: We deliver the most
important, first

When we start working together, you don't have to wait for a couple of weeks or a couple of months in order to feel the results. Your website isn't converting the way it should? Our first priority is to make your website convert well. We make the necessary changes as soon as possible so that you can feel the difference within a few days.

Similarly, sustained e-mail marketing is well and good, but you should also see some results as soon as possible. Our approach is always to tackle your most pressing problem first so that you can rest assured of a smooth functioning of your business as well as marketing efforts.

Reason #13: I am as growth as driven as
you are

This is to tell you that I am here for the long run and my story has just begun. That is why I'm not merely interested in getting projects and earning a few bucks here and there. I work and deliver as a business and not as a freelancer. Whatever you expect of high-aiming enterprise, you will get it from me when we established a partnership.

Bonus reason #14: We are fun to work with

Yes, yes, I talked of 13 reasons but I wanted to leave the most essential reason to hire me, to the last. A team that is not fun to work with, normally doesn't work well because the real essence of life is fun. Of course we have different definitions of fun the basic idea is we enjoy doing our work and we create an environment that is devoid of stress and full of creative freedom. My team members thrive on performing their utmost and they derive lots of fun from creating high-performance solutions for our various clients.

In the end, I am an easy going person, whether I'm working on my own or with a team of highly driven professionals. Adaptability, scalability and performance are the underlying tenets of any business and I have assimilated these tenets to the core of my heart. This keeps me relaxed and fun to work with.

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