Real Website Redesign & Email
Marketing Case Studies

It's always best to learn from real life situations where we directly apply our approach and experience tangible results. Hence, this collection of case studies.

These case studies help you understand how we helped small businesses like yours improve their bottom lines and how similar methodologies can work to your advantage too.

So here we go…

Website Redesign Case Studies

The new SPANSEATING.COM is an ideal small business website that really works.
Established in 1995, Span Seating is a Gurgaon-based premium seating solutions provider. Their existing website, which was designed by one of the best designers in the profession, wasn't helping much in terms of attracting targeted traffic. The website wasn't even able to attract a couple of leads in a given period of time . It was just a sophisticated flyer kind of a "website". Read the case study to learn how we transformed an ineffective website into an ideal small business website that really works. Now the website not just looks fantastic, it also attracts plenty of targeted traffic and an impressive number of leads and enquiries. You can call this the "Centronics Effect". 820 2.0 increases business enquiries by 30%
Learn how a strategic website redesign helped Paragon Instruments (an ISO 9001:2008 certified company) increase its business enquires by more than 30% without proactive SEO & Email Marketing. We just took care of tiny, but significant details while redesigning the website and rearranging their content. 8450

The 4-inch sign-up box boosts newsletter subscription for the new version of
Founded by Mr. Moti Lal Daultani in 1985 & located in Agra (India), "Valentino" – is a highly renowned brand owned by Guru Shoes Tech Private Limited (GSTPL). They got their first website designed long ago and then re-designed it with no major success. Finally they contacted us to take over the charge. And our website redesign strategies boosted their email sign-ups by 20% and additionally, the time spent by visitors on their website went up by 40%. Learn how we did it. 3231 -- the client learned a lesson the hard way, but it was all worth it
IT = "Intellectual Technology" was something that totally blew the client away. Shree System, an ISO 9001:2000 certified technology & solution provider company - dealing in various computers, monitors, routers and a complete assortment of offerings, but the message was not being conveyed clearly via the old website. It was coming out like a normal hardware company providing maintenance services. We not only gave a complete 360° turn around to the look and feel of the website, but also the basic philosophy the technology company represents. While running the risk of sounding boastful, it would be an understatement to say that the results were amazing (but what to do, they were). The client initially had apprehensions and we let him learn the lesson in its own way, but once he had understood the power of a well-strategized redesign, he couldn't believe how we had been managing his business so far without his new website. Intrigued? Download the complete case study now. 4989

New = More enquiries + increased page views + high Google search ranking = Online Success
Their old website consisted of static HTML pages originally done in MS Frontpage. It basically contained lots of pictures (randomly selected) and scarce content. We were asked to carry out a website audit followed by complete redesign of the website. In a few months after the launch of the new website - it started producing results... for example - website page views increased by 110%, Google rankings improved (now it ranks 3rd for the search term "Designer Wooden Flooring" -- highly relevant for them ), enquiries from dealers started pouring in (which never happened with old website) and much more. Download case study and see the statistics yourself. 1121

OUTWUD's new website gave more confidence to tackle the outdoor market segement.
The newly designed website gave the company an improved brand makeover and enhanced its presence on the Internet and helped brand claims its domainance in its cateogory. Learn how Outwud's new website outshined. Download case study here. 2435

The new improves brand perception of the company
A technology-driven electrical engineering and contracting company - Seighteen Electricals is known for its approach towards client satisfaction. But their old website never reflected what the company truly represents and offers.. it was keeping visitors from coming to their website. The newly redesigned website gave the company an improved brand makeover and enhanced its presence on the Internet. Check out how we achieved that. 4101

Email Marketing Case Studies

A well-strategized email marketing campaign helped A&S establish its brand presence in a completely new market
Although Suunto is a world-renowned name in the field of sports/adventure watches, the name was practically unheard of on the Indian terra firma. The company needed someone who could help them capture a highly driven and opinionated market, albeit on a limited budget. As our overall strategy, we don't just focus on random promotional campaigns at Centronics Support. We normally implement a multi-faceted strategy that is an amalgamation of various event-centric email campaigns such as product launches, educational emails, website launch and customer testimonials. Our well thought out efforts showed immediate results. To get a glimpse, download the complete case study from here. 5254

A persistent email marketing exercise helped Span Floors strengthen its relationship with existing customers and build trust factor with new prospects, fast.
Span Floors has long distinguished itself with a brand that brings world class designer wooden flooring to india. After more than a decade in business, Span Floors had built a loyal customer base around itself. The challenge aginst the company was to find new and innovative way to leverage that (architect) community and on the other hand convert prospects into loyal customers. Download case study to learn how persistent email marketing helped them. 5838

A step by step and well strategized e-mail marketing campaign helped ARB Bearings improve customer relationships and dealership performance
Prior to Centronics Support taking up the charge, the email campaigns of one of India's biggest bearings companies, surprisingly, was quite haphazard, to put it mildly. There was no strategy involved. They were still following the age-old "one-step" model that straight away aims for doing business in the very first email communication. The effectiveness of any email marketing campaign first of all depends on how pristine the mailing list of the organisations. So we cleaned that up. We also sorted out many discrepancies that were sending their email communications straight to the spam folders of the recipients. And eventually, we streamlined their email marketing campaigns into a sequence of logically arranged communications. The result -- more visitors to their website, an increased open rate of their individual e-mail marketing campaigns, better customer relationships, and most importantly a proactive and performance-driven dealer network. Download the complete case study from here. 3189

The email marketing campaign conceptualized and executed for Outwud Increases email response rate by a whopping 22-23%
A new entrant into the field of outdoors wood works, Outwud didn't only have to make a mark in the conventional sense, it also didn't have a brand presence to base its marketing campaign on. Everything had to be started from scratch. It was an email marketing challenge and challenges are what we like at Centronics Support. Our first priority was to increase the size of the mailing list using our time-tested permission-based techniques. A litany of big and small changes and a little shift in the perception of their backend marketing staff did the trick and we achieved. Download results for the company that wouldn't have been possible via another medium. the complete case study for the meaty details. 1960

Span Seating used permission based email marketing to drive traffic to their new website and improve relationships with various stakeholders
Established in 1995, Span Seating is considered as one the leading seating solution provider company in India. The challenge in front of company was to formulate a well planned strategy that could drive traffic to newly launched website and help in communicating with customers and dealers well. We did it with our core expertise in Email Marketing, which not only boosted the page rank of the website by bringing in new visitors but also by improving customer relationship with creative & effective communication. Read case study to learn how we change the game for Span Seating. 3486